Hand Drive Grouting

Compaction grouting, a method aimed at stabilizing structures affected by ground settlement problems like sinkholes. The restricted space surrounding properties necessitates the use of hand-driven equipment for the grouting process. Hand-driven equipment offers enhanced maneuverability and precision in accessing tight spaces where larger machinery cannot operate efficiently, making it the optimal choice for this confined work area.

In compaction grouting, a specialized grout mixture is injected into the ground at high pressure to fill voids and consolidate loose soil, effectively increasing the load-bearing capacity of the ground. By stabilizing the foundation, the risk of structural damage and potential collapse due to sinkhole-induced subsidence is significantly reduced. Throughout the grouting process, meticulous monitoring and assessment are conducted to gauge the effectiveness of the stabilization efforts and to make any necessary adjustments to the injection parameters, ensuring that the desired outcomes of structural stability and safety are achieved.

For over 25 years, Lehigh Concrete Technologies has provided safe, innovative concrete and compaction grouting services to central and eastern Pennsylvania.

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